Studio Overview

Runoff Studios is an environmentally focused game studio that provides innovative ways of educating people about earth's environmental issues. We expand awareness and spark interest in others, especially children, to become passionate about the worlds eco-system. Runoff Studios will regularly be making donations to non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting our environment for future generations.

Our mission

Runoff Studios recognizes the negative effects of our society's daily habits on the environment. We believe today's mobile media technology is an effective way to educate and inform younger generations about these problems. Creating and marketing mobile games and applications geared towards 'Green' thinking will help make a positive impact on today's youth invoking the use, research, and development of renewable energy sources.


We believe in giving back to our community and being proactive with our beliefs.

How we give back

Runoff Studios raises essential funds to connect people with environmental education. We believe children are an important key in the success of our civilizations switch to clean energy. Runoff Studios donation program was created to aid conservation and restoration efforts, cultivate youth engagement, promote clean energy and preserve the earth for future generations.

We will be donating five cents to the National Environmental Education Foundation every time someone downloads one of our games*. Our first iPhone/ iPod Touch game 'Face The Waste' will be kicking off our donation program. *up to $50,000 for Face the Waste

Behind the Scenes


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